PT Kebayoran Pharma has been operating in the distribution business for about 40 years. The journey started in 1969 when we commenced a medicine distribution business in Menteng area, Jakarta, known aaSDas CV Kebayoran Pharma.In 1972, CV Kebayoran Pharma changed its corporate status to become PT Kebayoran Pharma, and operating with 10 branch offices. Presently we have grown into a distribution network, now operating with 27 branch offices in most big cities of Indonesia.We have spacious office and storage facilities either in our Head Office or in branches, and sufficient delivery vans are available in all branch offices. For faster communication and data accessibility, we have established an on line email network among Head Office and branch offices.We will always maintain quick service and will hold to our company motto “Progress Through Service”.


To be a leading distribution Company in Indonesia dedicated to provide Quality Services in Pharmaceutical and Health Care related products


We commit ourselves to satisfy our Customers and Principals needs by providing reliable and quality distribution services